When healthcare providers order a radiology study (x-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound, or nuclear medicine scan), they must provide a clinical indication as a justification for the study before it can be performed. This information is important for radiologists because it allows › Continue Reading

Think of coronary artery disease and what comes to mind is an older adult with hardening of the arteries. But that’s not what you’ll find at the Pediatric Coronary Artery Clinic at Cincinnati Children’s. Here, at one of only five › Continue Reading

Toys: Inside Out

Toys keep our kids mesmerized and entertained for hours, until they outgrow them or break them, whichever comes first. Our Child Life Specialists use a variety of toys to keep our Radiology patients occupied. Have you ever wondered what makes those toys › Continue Reading

Kids will be heading back to school before we know it! Whether your child is excited about the new year or dreading it, this period of time is always an adjustment. So how can parents help their children get mentally prepared › Continue Reading

One of the things that I enjoy most about my job here at Cincinnati Children’s is being involved in interdisciplinary conferences. This past year I became involved in our Neuro-oncology Tumor Board, and it has been a tremendous experience for › Continue Reading

This is the time of year when parents worry about keeping their kids hydrated and preventing them from getting over-heated.  And water is typically all it takes – fancy sports drinks aren’t needed unless your kid is a star athlete. › Continue Reading

Cincinnati Children’s is implementing an aggressive campaign to increase the number of children in the Cincinnati area who are vaccinated against influenza. Pastors at several churches will begin encouraging congregants to get the flu vaccine this year to protect their › Continue Reading

Kentucky Children’s Hospital has begun performing pediatric heart surgeries in partnership with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. The program follows a “one program-two sites” model, with identical programs at Kentucky Children’s Hospital, part of UK HealthCare in Lexington, and Cincinnati › Continue Reading

Unless you live in a region of the United States that’s known for venomous snakes, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about snake bites. But knowing how to prevent them and what to do if bitten are › Continue Reading

Photo: Laura Hanselman with her husband Randy. It is with a mix of sadness and joy that we say goodbye to one of our beloved MRI technologists, Laura Hanselman. Because of the unique and often high-pressure situations that we find ourselves › Continue Reading

Cincinnati City Council heard public comment but did not take official action on the zoning and street restructure needed for the Cincinnati Children’s planned critical care expansion. A majority of Council – six members – have gone on record supporting › Continue Reading

Thousands of children around Greater Cincinnati are home-schooled for a variety of reasons. For children with serious medical issues, home schooling can be a good way to keep them on track. To see how a Cincinnati Children’s patient benefited, click › Continue Reading

Peter de Blank, MD, at Cincinnati Children’s is passionate about curing children. De Blank researches better imaging practices because he said regular MRIs don’t do enough. He’s trying a new technique called Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting. To learn about his research, › Continue Reading

Megan Cherry had tried nine medicines to control her seizures. None of them worked, and many had significant side effects. But just when she was ready to give up hope, she heard about the epilepsy surgery program at Cincinnati Children’s. › Continue Reading

Photo: (l-r) Drs. Julie Guerin, Yinan Li, Marie Vasher, Eric Diaz, Cara Morin, Alan Chen, Jaad Ranginwala, David Hunte, Morgan McBee, Mitchell Rees and Brian Coley (Radiologist-in-Chief). Our Radiology Fellowship Program runs for one year, starting on July 1st and › Continue Reading

Photo (above): Audrey Bryant As we’ve seen old friends leave our department, we’ve welcomed new ones also. Last July, two new employees joined our Radiology family. Audrey Bryant graduated from the University of Cincinnati in August 2016 with training in › Continue Reading

Dr. Neil D. Johnson grew up in Australia, where he received his medical training at Melbourne University. He then moved to the University of Rochester Medical Center for his fellowship in radiology, after which he joined our Radiology family at Cincinnati › Continue Reading

Our mighty daughter entered into this world on Christmas Day. Except, she was three months early. Doctors determined that for her safety, it was for the best. She measured 12 inches and weighed only one pound. What an UN-expected gift! › Continue Reading

For any young athlete, injury can end long-term dreams of playing the sport they love. That’s why Cincinnati Children’s is resorting to a high-tech method to keep athletes healthy. The hospital is now using video cameras to help young athletes › Continue Reading

Kids are not little adults, but they certainly experience many of the same emotions that we do. Anger is something that everyone endures – from “typical” kids to kids who have other health diagnoses like depression, anxiety, or ADHD.  And › Continue Reading

MRI Safety Week 2017

MRI Safety Week is always celebrated within the month of July because 16 years ago, a six-year-old boy named Michael Colombini was killed in an MRI incident in Valhalla, New York, in July. There was little-to-no MRI safety information at › Continue Reading

Dr. Tal Laor, faculty radiologist, is starting a new chapter in her life. She and her husband Steve will be moving back to Boston to be close to family. She was a colleague to some, friend and mentor to many. Last › Continue Reading

Photo: (lf-rt) Keagan Gertz, Nathaniel Roberson, Andrew Furthmiller and Alexandra Plemmons. Once again this summer, four University of Cincinnati College of Medicine second-year medical students are at work on several clinical radiology research projects. In this nine-week program, our medical students › Continue Reading

It is that time of year when high school juniors are starting to think about college visits and life after high school. The college search can be stressful, and having an eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorder (EGID) can add an extra layer › Continue Reading

Hot and humid conditions are in the forecast for this week in Greater Cincinnati with temperatures expected to reach around 90 degrees. These kinds of conditions can create dangerous situations especially for children and the elderly. For ways to keep › Continue Reading