Cincinnati Children’s is the only hospital in the United States to have a magnetic resonance (MR) unit in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). We feel this was important since babies are fragile, have trouble maintaining normal temperature, and do not handle › Continue Reading

Photo: Becky Imbus (left) and Lauren Kirgis (right). It takes a lot of different people to make research happen at Cincinnati Children’s. One type of research professional is the clinical research coordinator, or CRC. The Radiology Department’s CRCs are located in our Imaging Research › Continue Reading

Here at Cincinnati Children’s, we are committed to constantly keeping each one of our patients’ thoughts, feelings, and experiences in the forefront of everything we do. This ranges from how we decorate the departments to which technologies we invest effort into › Continue Reading

What Do You Love?

Happy Valentine’s Day! This year we are celebrating by walking around our Radiology Department and asking our staff, patients, and families, “What do you LOVE?”. Watch our video below to find out.

Featured Image: Large amount of echogenic debris within the urinary bladder compatible with history of urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infections are a common problem in children. According to the American Urological Association, pediatric urinary tract infections account for more › Continue Reading

In an attempt to continually better ourselves and our services, Cincinnati Children’s is constantly pushing to change the outcome. In our MRI department this means updating our intraoperative MRI scanner, located within one of our operating rooms. As of January 2017, the outdated › Continue Reading

Congratulations to Becci Pryor CRA, RT(R) on winning the Safety Award! This quarter we had a three-way tie. Safety coaches and managers voted, and Becci was chosen as the winner. The Safety Award is given each quarter to the Radiology › Continue Reading

I am the chair of the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Quality Assurance Committee for Radiation Generating Equipment–lots of words that mean that I am the Radiology Department’s go-to person for questions about radiation risk and radiation protection. Every year, and often › Continue Reading

The Radiography and Fluoroscopy Divisions has gained a new member! Say hello to Alysha Thompson. Her friends call her “Lish” and her hometown is Cleveland, Ohio. Lish recently graduated from Xavier University. She completed her Associate’s Degree in Radiology and Bachelor’s › Continue Reading

We’re really excited about our new video series, Get To Know Your Radiologist, which will introduce you to our Radiology Department faculty members. You’ll have the opportunity to watch fun and informative interviews hosted by Sparkle Torruella, a new addition to our radiology blog group. › Continue Reading

Here in the Cincinnati Children’s Radiology Department, we have a dedicated staff of professionals (called Medical Informaticists) whose day-to-day tasks involve maintaining the computer information systems that are used for capturing, viewing, analyzing, and storing your child’s medical images. Here are a › Continue Reading

Dr. George Koberlein is a new addition to our Radiology family, but he’s no stranger to our department. It’s more of a homecoming for him because Dr. Koberlein was a 2014 radiology pediatric clinical fellow. Upon completion of his fellowship, › Continue Reading

The employees that were involved in this Mannequin Challenge include members of Radiology’s business and administration teams, including the business director, financial analyst, regulatory affairs coordinator, coders, and administrative assistant. This team has a variety of responsibilities, including managing the › Continue Reading

The Pediatric Cerebrovascular Center (PCC) at Cincinnati Children’s is one of the only comprehensive, multidisciplinary centers in North America that provides advanced subspeciality care to children with cerebrovascular and spinal vascular diseases. Our center is truly distinguished in that every › Continue Reading

Medical emergencies can happen at anytime. Cincinnati Children’s has you covered, even in the middle of the night and early hours of the morning before the sun rises. The main campus of Cincinnati Children’s is one of the few children’s › Continue Reading

Imagine that your child is sick or injured, and you take him or her to be evaluated by a healthcare provider. During the course of the evaluation of your child, the healthcare provider feels that an imaging study such as an › Continue Reading

Valerie Gilbert, a reading room assistant in Radiology, will be retiring on January 6. She’s been a part of the Cincinnati Children’s family for many years, and she’ll be missed greatly! Valerie worked at Good Samaritan Hospital right after graduating › Continue Reading

We love to throw a party and celebrate the season here in our Radiology Department. In December we hosted our Annual Department Luncheon Event. The previous years the Luncheon Event was hosted and organized by retired Reading Room Manager Gwen McIntosh, › Continue Reading

Wow, in a couple of days it will be the start of the new year. 2017 will be here in a blink of an eye. Allot of things has happened in our Radiology Department during 2016. We have said “goodbyes” › Continue Reading

The Society for Pediatric Radiology (SPR) is a professional association of pediatric radiologists. The Society publishes the journal Pediatric Radiology and holds a yearly meeting. It was founded in 1958 at an informal meeting in Washington, DC. The society “is dedicated to › Continue Reading

In the Radiology Department at Cincinnati Children’s, several of our divisions have been celebrating the season in their own special ways. Our Radiogrpahy/Fluoroscophy division decorated a tall holiday tree and other holiday ornaments in their Quality Control (QC) area. The Ultrasound division decorated › Continue Reading

Even though the nuclear medicine community is unfamiliar to many people outside of the medical field, it is a commonly used modality to image virtually every part of the body. There are many interesting facts about this field. I’m going › Continue Reading

Have you ever wondered how radiologists stay up to date on the newest imaging techniques to help diagnose your child’s problem? As noted in recent blogs, radiologists at Cincinnati Children’s not only interpret your child’s images and treat some conditions, › Continue Reading

Last week it was the Radiography/Fluoroscophy technologists and staff that took up the “Mannequin Challenge.” We continue this challenge series with the technologists in our Ultrasound Division here at Cincinnati Children’s. Related Article: Radiography and Fluoroscopy Takes Up the Challenge Sit › Continue Reading

Radiation exposure from medical tests is a hot topic in the news. While all of us are exposed to small amounts of radiation daily from sources such as the sun, the food we eat, and the buildings we live in, › Continue Reading