Here in the Cincinnati Children’s Radiology Department, we have a dedicated staff of professionals (called Medical Informaticists) whose day-to-day tasks involve maintaining the computer information systems that are used for capturing, viewing, analyzing, and storing your child’s medical images. Here are a › Continue Reading

Dr. George Koberlein is a new addition to our Radiology family, but he’s no stranger to our department. It’s more of a homecoming for him because Dr. Koberlein was a 2014 radiology pediatric clinical fellow. Upon completion of his fellowship, › Continue Reading

The employees that were involved in this Mannequin Challenge include members of Radiology’s business and administration teams, including the business director, financial analyst, regulatory affairs coordinator, coders, and administrative assistant. This team has a variety of responsibilities, including managing the › Continue Reading

The Pediatric Cerebrovascular Center (PCC) at Cincinnati Children’s is one of the only comprehensive, multidisciplinary centers in North America that provides advanced subspeciality care to children with cerebrovascular and spinal vascular diseases. Our center is truly distinguished in that every › Continue Reading

Medical emergencies can happen at anytime. Cincinnati Children’s has you covered, even in the middle of the night and early hours of the morning before the sun rises. The main campus of Cincinnati Children’s is one of the few children’s › Continue Reading

Imagine that your child is sick or injured, and you take him or her to be evaluated by a healthcare provider. During the course of the evaluation of your child, the healthcare provider feels that an imaging study such as an › Continue Reading

Valerie Gilbert, a reading room assistant in Radiology, will be retiring on January 6. She’s been a part of the Cincinnati Children’s family for many years, and she’ll be missed greatly! Valerie worked at Good Samaritan Hospital right after graduating › Continue Reading

We love to throw a party and celebrate the season here in our Radiology Department. In December we hosted our Annual Department Luncheon Event. The previous years the Luncheon Event was hosted and organized by retired Reading Room Manager Gwen McIntosh, › Continue Reading

Wow, in a couple of days it will be the start of the new year. 2017 will be here in a blink of an eye. Allot of things has happened in our Radiology Department during 2016. We have said “goodbyes” › Continue Reading

The Society for Pediatric Radiology (SPR) is a professional association of pediatric radiologists. The Society publishes the journal Pediatric Radiology and holds a yearly meeting. It was founded in 1958 at an informal meeting in Washington, DC. The society “is dedicated to › Continue Reading

In the Radiology Department at Cincinnati Children’s, several of our divisions have been celebrating the season in their own special ways. Our Radiogrpahy/Fluoroscophy division decorated a tall holiday tree and other holiday ornaments in their Quality Control (QC) area. The Ultrasound division decorated › Continue Reading

Even though the nuclear medicine community is unfamiliar to many people outside of the medical field, it is a commonly used modality to image virtually every part of the body. There are many interesting facts about this field. I’m going › Continue Reading

Have you ever wondered how radiologists stay up to date on the newest imaging techniques to help diagnose your child’s problem? As noted in recent blogs, radiologists at Cincinnati Children’s not only interpret your child’s images and treat some conditions, › Continue Reading

Last week it was the Radiography/Fluoroscophy technologists and staff that took up the “Mannequin Challenge.” We continue this challenge series with the technologists in our Ultrasound Division here at Cincinnati Children’s. Related Article: Radiography and Fluoroscopy Takes Up the Challenge Sit › Continue Reading

Radiation exposure from medical tests is a hot topic in the news. While all of us are exposed to small amounts of radiation daily from sources such as the sun, the food we eat, and the buildings we live in, › Continue Reading

The 2016 United Way campaign kicked off in the Radiology Department in October, promising to be a fun-filled month of giving, advocating and volunteering. The campaign, which ran October 3-28, raised (as of 11/15/16) $1,050,432 hospital wide. The Radiology Department › Continue Reading

The Mannequin Challenge, where people are videotaped frozen in place like mannequins, is currently the new trend on the internet. The song “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd is normally played in the background. A group of our Radiology and Fluoroscopy staff decided › Continue Reading

‘Tis the season for brightly colored lights, festive carols, and chilly winter nights spent snuggled up watching your favorite holiday classics. Unfortunately, it is also the season for icy sidewalks, slippery roads and other general inconveniences during the end of › Continue Reading

Our families and homes are made safer from household fires with the use of flame-retardant chemicals in our clothing, furniture, carpeting, electronics, and home’s insulation. However, there is now evidence that certain types of flame-retardant chemicals can interfere with childhood › Continue Reading

This year we asked our Radiology Department, “What are you thankful for?” With some pre-printed signs or their own custom-written answers, our team answered just that.

Photo: Dr. Jonathan Dillman teaching Dr. Leslie Teng, a resident from Allegheny General Hospital. Let me begin by saying that it has been an absolute pleasure to be a member of the Cincinnati Children’s Radiology team over the past year. › Continue Reading

When did you first start taking photographs with a digital camera? Many families bought their first digital cameras in the first decade of the 2000s. They were expensive, took low resolution pictures, and used memory cards that could only hold › Continue Reading

The Doctor Is In!

Cincinnati Children’s Department of Radiology performs studies for hundreds of children each day. While many of these are children in our hospital, there are many more who are coming to us from their doctor’s offices. Children and their families typically receive the results of › Continue Reading

As a MRI technologists, it is not only our job to capture high-quality diagnostic images, but also to maintain a safe working environment for our patients, visitors and fellow employees. It is because of this promise to keep a safe › Continue Reading

If a child presents with an asymmetric head shape, the pediatrician may be able to determine if the child has positional molding with normal cranial sutures, which may resolve spontaneously or with positional management of the head. However, in some › Continue Reading