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Our Radiology Department is the proud recipient of a $5,000 grant awarded by the Co-Operative Society of Cincinnati Children’s. The funds will be used to update the iPad program that has directly improved patient care and decreased the need for › Continue Reading

“DJ” Gets a NJ

Using a Medical Puppet to Prepare Children for NJ Tube Placements For many of us eating our favorite food and sipping on a delicious drink is part of our everyday life. However, for some children, eating and drinking is a › Continue Reading

Today I am honored to share a story from my colleague, Tiffany Lang, a radiology technologist who works at our Burnet Campus. Over 10 years ago, I was working on a Sunday when I was called to the Emergency Department › Continue Reading

Cincinnati Children’s has a department that uses x-rays to take pictures of different parts of patients’ bodies.  X-rays have been used in medicine since 1895 when the first picture of a hand was taken. Over the past 120 years, the use › Continue Reading

One Voice

We’ve all been in that situation where too many people are talking at the same time. That can feel overwhelming or even disorienting. Imagine now being a child…in an unfamiliar healthcare setting…with strangers talking at the same time! For many › Continue Reading

A new medical textbook entitled Imaging in Pediatrics is being released as a guide for pediatricians and other doctors caring for children. It will be a resource for medical professionals who want to learn more about using basic and advanced › Continue Reading

Question: “Why did the toilet paper roll down the hill?” “I don’t know…why?” Answer: “To get to the bottom.” For many kids, this kind of bathroom humor is shared on the playground with friends or told to groans of laughter › Continue Reading

Arthritis, a condition of inflammation causing joint pain and stiffness, is not just a disease of adulthood. It can affect children also. Image: MRI image of an ankle, sagittal view, showing inflamed tendon sheath, area of arthritis pain. July is Juvenile › Continue Reading

Recently radiologists from Cincinnati Children’s and all over the world gathered for a conference where many lectures were given, research findings were presented, and doctors played with Legos. That’s right–Legos, those small, colorful bricks that children (and adults) use to build › Continue Reading

Prenatal Imaging for Babies with Bladder Obstruction When you enter the doors of Cincinnati Children’s, you expect to see children—from newborn babies to young adults. Look a little closer and you will see pregnant mothers coming for imaging of their › Continue Reading

CT and MR imaging are important in your child’s evaluation for sensorineural hearing loss. There are many reasons that a child could have hearing loss, and this specialized imaging helps visualize the small structures of the inner ear and the › Continue Reading

Jennifer Eten, an imaging technologist in the Radiology Department, recently received an Honorable Mention for the Cincinnati Children’s Core Values Award. All our employees are expected to demonstrate the following core values: tell the truth, respect everyone, work as a team and make a difference. Jennifer, however, was › Continue Reading

Photo: International family from Kenya Just spend a few minutes listening or talking to some of the families in the Radiology Department waiting room at Cincinnati Children’s.  You may hear a variety of languages spoken or accents from different parts › Continue Reading

Let us introduce you to the newest team member in the Radiology Department at Cincinnati Children’s—Alvin:  ©Bagdasarian Productions Not THAT Alvin…THIS ALVIN: ALVIN is the All Languages Video Interpreter Network—basically an interpreter on wheels. This mobile unit is a unique, automated video › Continue Reading

Every year right after Thanksgiving, radiologists from all over the United States and the world gather in Chicago for the Radiologic Society of North America (RSNA) annual conference and meeting. The RSNA is an exciting opportunity for us at Cincinnati › Continue Reading

When I first started working at Cincinnati Children’s in the Radiology Department in March 2015, I remember feeling excited to be part of an organization with such a positive reputation. I was also a little anxious about starting a new job › Continue Reading

Physicians are lifelong learners, seeking out new research and ways to improve the care they provide to patients and families. Our radiologists at Cincinnati Children’s are committed to their ongoing education. They attend regional, national and even international conferences and › Continue Reading

An interview with Rupa Radhakrishnan, MD I am very excited to be a part of the Radiology faculty at Cincinnati Children’s. It is one of the top children’s hospitals in the U.S. and the world, and it is a privilege to › Continue Reading

Most of us have been to a radiology department for an x-ray, ultrasound or even a CT or MRI. This kind of imaging provides a better look at what’s happening inside our bodies, whether it’s a simple broken bone, an › Continue Reading

Rockets shimmering and colors twinkling Flashes of red, white and blue sparkling overhead This might seem like the 4th of July to most of us, but in the Radiology Department at Cincinnati Children’s you can see fireworks any time of year. › Continue Reading

This summer, as the temperatures rise and the sun shines brighter, lots of us will look for fun ways to cool off and stay active. Water activities like swimming, diving, canoeing, boating, water skiing, tubing or backyard fun with the › Continue Reading

Taste of Radiology

Taste of Cincinnati is one of the nation’s largest street festivals held every Memorial Day weekend in downtown Cincinnati. It started in 1979 and is now the nation’s longest-running culinary arts festival. Approximately 500,000 people attend the annual food extravaganza › Continue Reading

Photo: Gayle R. (lf) and Laura H. (rt) Claustrophobia noun claus·tro·pho·bia : a fear of being in closed or small spaces : an unhappy or uncomfortable feeling caused by being in a situation that limits or restricts you Imagine what › Continue Reading

(U.S. Air Force photo illustration/Steve White) Child Abuse: A Difficult Topic to Discuss In a world as big as ours accidents will happen and children can be hurt.  As parents, that can be scary because our number one priority is › Continue Reading

April Fool’s Day

Looking for a new pair of shoes? Step right up to the fluoroscopy machine that will x-ray your feet to get better measurements of your shoe size and help you to find that perfect fitting shoe. Photo: This may seem › Continue Reading