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It’s normal for families who visit our department to have concerns before, during, and after their child’s imaging test. That’s why there’s a Radiology Patient and Family Advocate available to you and your family. She’s there to listen and respond to your questions, facilitate communication › Continue Reading

In radiology, employees who have a passion for safety can volunteer to be safety coaches. Safety coaches help prevent errors by both modeling and teaching coworkers specific safety practices. All radiology safety coaches receive special training in communication strategies and safety › Continue Reading

You’ve taken your child to get his or her radiology test. Now how do you get the results?  Cincinnati Children’s has made this process easy with MyChart. You no longer have to wait for a call from your doctor or › Continue Reading

Radiologic technologists are medical professionals who use their expertise and knowledge of patient care combined with radiologic techniques to take images.  In simpler terms, they use a special camera to look inside of the patient’s body to diagnose a problem. › Continue Reading

Recently, the Radiology Department at Cincinnati Children’s added another MRI scanner to the family! MRI scanners use very powerful magnets to create images of the body.  This new scanner has several differences compared to our other scanners.  It’s twice as › Continue Reading