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In 2003, when we first started performing cardiac MRI, imaging the moving, pumping heart was groundbreaking. In those days, we performed a couple of studies each week. However, as our skills improved and the technology expanded, the demand for cardiac › Continue Reading

Over the past five years, a new model called quantitative imaging has begun to emerge within radiology. This type of imaging allows radiologists to take a measurement that can then be used to track a disease and its subsequent treatment. MR elastography is a › Continue Reading

What is traumatic brain injury and why should we care about it? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a traumatic brain injury is a blow or shock to the head, or an injury resulting in a disruption › Continue Reading

Perhaps your child’s MRI examination is ordered with “MRS.” What does that mean? In radiology, MRS stands for magnetic resonance spectroscopy. This test allows us to see certain naturally appearing chemicals in the body in addition to the usual pictures taken with the › Continue Reading

Why Do We Protocol?

What does it mean when we say “Your exam has been protocolled as an MRI of the brain with and without contrast.” A protocol is a set of steps that one must follow to complete a task.  Here at Cincinnati Children’s, we › Continue Reading

MRI Safety Week, observed the last week of July every year, is meant to increase awareness and understanding of the safety issues unique to MRI scanning. The timing of this effort is not random–it is meant to coincide with the most well-known MRI accident in › Continue Reading

My name is Anthony (Tony) Dandino and I’m an MRI technologist at Cincinnati Children’s. I graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a bachelor’s degree in Advanced Medical Imaging Technology. As an MRI tech, I image almost every organ in the body. › Continue Reading