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Nurses Week 2012: Feeling the Love from Facebook Part II

Nurses Week is coming to a close but the inspirational stories of caring and compassion we continue to hear from Cincinnati Children’s patient families never end. Here are a few more from our Facebook page.

“We spent 20 months at Cincinnati Children’s with our son Ethan. He received a liver, small bowel and pancreas transplant in 2009. All the nurses in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and on A4N are wonderful and will ALWAYS hold a special place in our hearts!”

Amber C.

“This June it will be three years since my son had a hemispherectomy performed. We have encountered many wonderful nurses from the neurology floor to the rehab floor. When we go back for check-ups or an overnight stay, it’s like a family reunion.”

Katie E.

“My son Jonah has been coming to Cincinnati Children’s since 2009. He is a patient of Dr. Reddy in Complex Urology. We always had excellent care from the floor nurses on A6 during his two surgeries. I also want to thank nurses Peggy Sheets and Debbie Reeves who work for Dr. Reddy. They do so much for us, from answering our calls, emails and questions to coming to our clinic appointments. We travel from Arkansas each year and they both are always a wonderful support to us!”

Tina B.

“Nurse Lisa Suedkemp on A4 South rocks! My granddaughter is in and out of the hospital with medical issues and Lisa and all the A4S nurses take care of her when we cannot be there with her. They treat her like their own.”

Trish W.

“Our son Josiah was born with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) and was in the hospital for 99 days. His primary nightshift nurse Rachelle was our favorite. She always kept Josiah in her prayers. Josiah loves her and so do we. She was there the night he coded twice and had to be bagged several times. The first time he coded we were over three hours away. The second time, we were by his bedside and I just lost it. You could tell Rachelle really cared for Josiah, and she hated that we had to witness that event. She even cried talking to us afterwards. I gave her a hug and thanked her for taking such good care of him. It was bittersweet for her to see him go. He had to go to the ER last month and it just so happened that she was working so she got to come see him. We are very thankful for all of his nurses and love them all.”

Ashlee P.

“In 2003, my son Kyle was born with a tracheoesophageal fistula. He had his first surgery at Cincinnati Children’s when he was only 5 hours old, while I was still recovering at another hospital nearby. What came next was four more years of operations, in-patient hospital stays, ambulance rides and emergency room insanity. We almost lost him more than half a dozen times. At one point my husband and I slept in shifts so that one of us could always hear him breathe. Looking back no ONE nurse stands out because they were ALL so AWESOME to our family. The support we received from countless staff at Cincinnati Children’s kept me sane and strong during an unbelievably difficult time in life. Kyle is now 8 years old, and is doing just fine! They really did ‘Change the Outcome’ for us. Thank you…Thank you…THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart.”

Aimee S.

“My son came to Cincinnati Children’s neurology in March for what was supposed to be a ketogenic initiation. The situation quickly changed resulting in a very sick boy and an extended stay. We had several nurses that were wonderful. Mary was there the day we arrived and the day we left. She was awesome! Jeff, Mandi and Johana were awesome as well! Jenny, a PCA, deserves props, too. She was very sweet and went out of her way to take care of my son. Despite a lengthy hospital stay, the nurses made it pleasant. We were from out of town and did not get any visitors…they were our friends and our comfort. Hats off to the nurses!”

Angela W.

“I have two nurses that I want to recognize. On the Hematology-Oncology floor, Jackie Thompson takes great care of my son who has severe hemophilia A, factor 8 deficient. She is truly like family to us. She greets us every Tuesday morning at 8:30am with a smile, has his toys set up in a room for him, and treats us so wonderfully. The other nurse is our Cincinnati Children’s Home Health Nurse, Jenny Ginn. She is also like family to us. We see her every Friday and she plays, listens and really cares about us. These two nurses are our angels on earth!”

Jen L.

“Shortly after my twin girls were born in November 2010, we learned that they had a rare genetic disorder and needed a liver transplant. We spent one week shy of their first birthday at Cincinnati Children’s and still go every two weeks for appointments. We have met so many amazing nurses. Words can’t even describe how much they’ve helped us through it all. We have met some nurses that we will never forget and will meet many, many more as our journey continues.”

Danielle B.

“My daughter is seen by 10 to 15 clinics at Cincinnati Children’s and all the nurses have always been wonderful. The best nurses have been the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) nurses as she has had 39 surgeries. Thanks to all of them especially, our repeat PACU nurses Kathy W. and Debbie.”

Cathy M


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