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Alexis Shapiro’s Surgery Gets Worldwide Coverage

The story of Alexis Shapiro has touched the world. She’s the 12-year-old girl from Texas who came to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center for weight-loss surgery.

Alexis suffers from hypothalamic obesity, a condition that she developed after having brain surgery to remove a tumor. It’s a condition that causes her to be hungry all the time.

Doctors performed sleeve gastrectomy surgery on Alexis on Friday generating news in hundreds of media outlets.  From England’s The Daily Mail to Yahoo! India to NBC News, media coverage has been on a global scale.  Of note, the Associated Press also ran Alexis’ story, which resulted in placement in more than 250 website or print media in markets all across the U.S. from Miami to Minneapolis and Seattle to Charlotte.

Below is a list of select media reporting on Alexis’ surgery.  To view a story, simply click on the media’s name.

The Daily Mail – Great Britain, The Huffington Post, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! India, Yahoo! Canada, NBC Nightly News, MSNBC, ABC’s Good Morning America, ABC News Online, The New York Daily News, The Boston Globe, The Houston Chronicle

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