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CancerFree KIDS Encourages Continued Conversation of Pediatric Cancer Research Funding

CancerFree KIDS, a Cincinnati-based nonprofit that supports pediatric cancer research projects needing funding, has provided significant funding to Cincinnati Children’s and is calling for a continued discussion of the need for more.

Ellen Flannery, co-founder of CancerFree KIDS, said her organization is thankful for Cincinnati Bengal Devon Still’s efforts to raise national consciousness about pediatric cancer. “We’re so grateful to him for being so open about it, but we’d like to continue the conversation,” she said.

Flannery said that out of all the money the government puts into cancer research, less than four percent goes to pediatric cancer research. Because of this lack of funding, there are potentially life-saving treatments that are never attempted because researchers don’t have the money to test them. CancerFree KIDS is working to help fill that void.

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