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Children with Heart Devices and Their Parents Struggle with Quality of Life

Children with implanted heart devices and their parents struggle with quality of life issues compared with their healthy counterparts, according to new research led by Cincinnati Children’s.

Pacemakers and implanted defibrillators are often used as part of long-term cardiac care or to prevent sudden death in many children and teens with heart disease.  But the multi-center study showed these devices may have a significant negative impact on quality of life.

For children, self-perception, self-worth, and athletic capability affected quality of life. For parents, their child’s behavior was the biggest factor related to quality of life.

“These findings should encourage us to consider the negative impact of devices, particularly defibrillators, on pediatric patients; and to develop strategies to mitigate these effects,” said Dr. Richard Czosek, study author and pediatric cardiologist at Cincinnati Children’s Heart Institute. “Whether these effects on quality of life can be reduced through the use of psychotherapy needs to be assessed.”

Read more about the study from MedPage Today.

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