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This Week in Health News – May 28, 2010

A recap of this week’s news stories (in no particular order) that caught our eye … let us know what you think. Comment below or follow us on Twitter @CincyChildrens for more health news!

Global Death Rates Drop for Children 5 or Younger
The New York Times

Death rates in children under 5 are dropping in many countries at a surprisingly fast pace, according to a new report based on data from 187 countries from 1970 to 2010.

Worldwide, 7.7 million children are expected to die this year – still an enormous number, but a vast improvement over the 1990 figure of 11.9 million.

Guns Claim Kids’ Lives in Both Urban, Rural Areas
Associated Press

Children in the most rural areas of the United States are as likely to die by gunshot as kids in the biggest cities, a new analysis of nearly 24,000 deaths finds.

Not surprisingly, murders involving firearms are more common among city youth. But gun suicides and accidental fatal shootings level the score: They are more common among rural kids.

Germs in Soil Might Give Learning a Boost

New research suggests bacteria could indeed give learning a boost, at least if you spend time outdoors and inhale or consume them.

Researchers looked at mycobacterium vaccae, a kind of natural bacteria that’s found in soil. People ingest or breathe in the germ when they spend time in nature.

Should Some Kids Take Fish Oil Supplements?

Fish oil supplements could lower blood pressure in slightly overweight teenage kids, a new study suggests, and their hearts may reap the benefits years later.

Blood pressure in early life has been shown to track into adulthood, with children and adolescents with high blood pressure more likely to suffer from high blood pressure later in life. This happens either by diet and exercise habits carried over time, or a “programming” that takes place in the body, the researchers explain in The Journal of Pediatrics.

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