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Cincinnati Children’s Brand Renewal

This summer, you will start to notice some changes at Cincinnati Children’s. We are evolving our brand – how we present ourselves to the world – and beginning in June, you will see elements of the updated brand in our spaces and on our campuses.

This brand renewal is the culmination of nearly two years of listening to and talking with more than 500 people including many patient families. We’ve asked questions, requested feedback, looked for reactions to ideas and listened intently as everyone involved generously shared their thoughts.

What we learned is that while there are many aspects of Cincinnati Children’s that will never change, we have grown and evolved over the past 15 years and it’s time for an updated expression of who we are.

The renewed brand is grounded in five beliefs:

  • We believe that we are all caregivers – making children well is everyone’s business.
  • We believe that science and compassion are equally important.
  • We believe that small acts have tremendous impact.
  • We believe in each other – colleagues, patients and families. We have the power to save lives through collaboration.
  • We believe in sharing our ideas, our discoveries and our advancements so that children in Cincinnati and around the world can thrive.

This is who we are, who we’ve always been. These beliefs are at the heart of everything we do.

And our purpose statement, presented in the video below, serves to motivate and inspire us as we carry out our work.

You saw the new logo at the end of the video and it is a really exciting part of our brand renewal. The logo design symbol was inspired by the collaborative spirit that is Cincinnati Children’s. The overlapping colors and shapes represent teams working together to make a difference for children.

The multiple shapes and colors also represent our diverse employees and patients.

The figures are in an embrace or a hug. The larger half-circle – the adult figure – lifts up and supports the smaller half circle – the child figure. Like Cincinnati Children’s itself, the logo is a balance of head and heart coming together – precise geometry and expressive colors. It is a symbol of connection, collaboration and our passion.

The colors are new for us and the first reaction of many of the families who have been involved along the way has been that it looks like it “fits” in the new and renovated spaces that we’ve been building over the last five-or-so years. And we couldn’t agree more.

You’ll also notice that the tagline has been revised to “changing the outcome together,” which communicates our ongoing quest to work together to deliver the best care possible for children.

You will begin to see our brand come to life in new ways within our spaces this June, but it will not be an overnight change. Signs are expensive, so we will update the most important ones first and phase in others as time goes on. We’re also using projects like the renovation to the Location B entrance at Burnet Campus to include new brand elements without incurring any additional cost on the project.

We are excited for June to get here so you can see what we’ve been working on for so long!

Please let us know what you think. While we can’t make any changes at this point, we do appreciate feedback and would welcome an opportunity to answer any questions you have.

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Kate Setter

About the Author: Kate Setter

Kate manages social media at Cincinnati Children's, a role that she loves because it gives her opportunities to help families find stories and pediatric health information that they want and need. Kate is the mother of two elementary-age kiddos.

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