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Researchers from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center were in the news plenty this past week, presenting more than 100 times at the annual educational summit of the American Academy of Pediatrics, this year Oct. 1-5 in San Francisco. Some of the highlights from Cincinnati researchers:

Heart Disease Risk Factors in Children: Physicians have identified a risk factor for heart disease in adulthood that can be present in children as young as 10.  They’re also calling for screening for this risk factor to help motivate children to exercise and lose weight.

Pediatricians Need More Training about Booster Seats: Few pediatricians have received formal training in booster seat laws and guidelines. As a result, only one of three pediatricians is confident about counseling parents appropriately regarding car booster seats.

 CT Guidelines Reduce Risk and Cost: Following simple guidelines to determine when to perform follow-up CT scans on children admitted to the hospital with head injuries can lower risks, get kids home sooner, improve patient and family satisfaction and lower costs.

Suicidal Adolescents and Follow-Up Care after Emergency Department Visits:
Two thirds of suicidal adolescent patients see a mental health professional within two months after an initial ED visit. However, one in five adolescent patients return to the Emergency Department and require inpatient psychiatric admission after their initial visit.

Posture Improvement Technique Enhances Surgical Proficiency: A century-old posture improvement technique developed by Shakespearian actor to correct his chronic laryngitis appears to enhance the posture and proficiency of surgeons who perform minimally invasive procedures.


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