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Cincinnati Children’s Partners With Cincinnati Boychoir to Study Boys’ Changing Voices

Cincinnati Children’s and the Cincinnati Boychoir have partnered to study how a boy’s voice changes during puberty, with an emphasis on how to better teach young men to steer their voices during that change in their lives.

About 20 Boychoir members between ages five and 11 will participate in the study, which will last for several years. They will undergo periodic examinations that will include speaking and singing in a sound booth, plus endoscopic examinations of their larynxes to monitor how the vocal cords thicken during adolescence, which results in deeper voices.

The idea for the study was posed when Christopher Eanes, artistic director of the Boychoir, spoke with Wendy LeBorgne, a voice pathologist, singing-voice specialist and adjunct assistant professor of musical theater at the University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music. Together, LeBorgne and Barbara Weinrich, a research associate in speech-language pathology at the Center for Pediatric Voice Disorders at Cincinnati Children’s, brought Eanes’ concern to Dr. Alessandro de Alarcon, a Cincinnati Children’s ear, nose and throat physician and director of the Center for Pediatric Voice Disorders.

Read more at and on the Washington Post’s website.

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