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Cincinnati Children’s to Transform Health of Community

In launching a new series on cutting-edge methods used by health providers, Forbes Magazine’s “Profiles in Innovation” begins with the pioneering work underway at Cincinnati Children’s.

The series focuses on health leaders who are innovating new methods centered on capturing data, creating partnerships, transforming payment systems and creating interventions that improve the health of whole populations.

Cincinnati Children’s is redefining its mission in broader terms. The new goal, says Robert Kahn, director of the medical center’s Community Health Initiative, is to improve the health of all Hamilton County’s children, not just provide excellent treatment to those who are sick.

Underlying this work is a groundbreaking effort to collect comprehensive data about community conditions and to identify “hot spots” where the incidence of disease and injury is especially high. The data is then used to address those conditions and help prevent injury and illness in the first place.

Read the full story from Forbes.

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