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Cincinnati Children’s to Unite Critically Ill Children and Their Pets with New Facility

Sometime this summer, Cincinnati Children’s will become the first hospital in the country to unite critically ill children and their pets under one roof. Dr. John Perentesis, director of the Division of Oncology and Cancer Programs, got the idea a few years ago after seeing a pet-visiting center at a hospital in Canada.

Working with a local organization – Cancer Free KIDS – and its founder, Ellen Flannery, a grant was obtained from Impact 100 to kick-start the project at Cincinnati Children’s. The group is also funding research to share outcomes at the facility with other pediatric hospitals in the hopes of creating more pet centers.

“This is just one thing that makes Cincinnati Children’s such a stellar organization and shows what a great job they do for the children and our community,” Flannery said.

More than 5,000 children spend over a week at Cincinnati Children’s each year, with an average stay of 22 days.

The target date for the pet facility opening is June 1, 2013.

Read more in the Kentucky Post.

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