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Cincinnati Pediatrician Trades ER for Bookstore

During his residency at Cincinnati Children’s, Dr. John Hutton saw increasing numbers of kids with medical problems related to obesity, depression and attention deficit disorder.  He longed to help kids find a way to unplug, read books and play outside.

Then, one day in 2000 after he and his wife found out their favorite kids’ bookstore was going out of business, they stepped in to save it. After all, he thought, if he was a doctor who believed children would be healthier and happier if their parents read them books, then he should be committed to making sure they had a place to make that happen.

Dr. Hutton wanted to write and to commit himself to literacy projects, so he stopped being a doctor and ran the bookstore – The Blue Manatee – instead.

Hutton even wrote and published his own series of books called “Baby Unplugged.” The titles include “Pets,” about the joy of animals; “Yard,” which tries to encourage kids to explore outside; and “Blanket,” about imagination.

In 2007, Dr. Hutton decided to go back to being a doctor. He started over again with a 3-year residence at Cincinnati Children’s. He graduated in 2010 and now works a day or two as a doctor and the rest at the bookstore.

Read more about Dr. Hutton in The Cincinnati Enquirer, WXIX and The San Francisco Chronicle.

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