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Handling Receipts Can Increase BPA Levels

You may be familiar with warnings that BPA – bisphenol A – can get into your blood system when you drink from plastic containers or eat food from a can.  A new study by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center shows handling receipts can increase BPA levels.

While BPA is common and has not been banned by the FDA, it has been linked to cancer, diabetes and hormone abnormalities in children. 

Receipts printed on thermal paper are coated with a minute amount of powder containing BPA.  Handling the receipts allows BPA to be absorbed into the skin.  

“It is not something people have to get extremely alarmed about. But this finding might be of concern to those who handle receipts continuously, like bank tellers and store cashiers,” says the study’s senior author, Shelley Ehrlich, M.D., Sc.D., M.P.H., of Cincinnati Children’s Division of Biostatistics and Epidemiology.

This story is being covered in a number of media outlets, including Newsweek and Reuters.

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