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Healthcare Systems Nationwide Focusing on Reduction of Medical Mishaps, Look at Cincinnati Children’s as Example

Although hospital quality is improving year over year, healthcare systems nationwide are looking to further reduce and prevent medical mishaps and are looking at Cincinnati Children’s (among others) as a model of success.

One method that’s being implemented is a daily safety “huddle” of key leaders. A practice originally used on aircraft carriers, it translates well into the healthcare realm and is used every day at Cincinnati Children’s. “Every morning at 8:35 a.m., departments all have to report on three things: What happened that didn’t go quite right, what are the risks I’m managing for the next 24 hours and what’s broken or needs to be fixed?” says Stephen Muething, vice president for safety. Between 50 and 75 people representing 17 departments participate in person or via phone.

Cincinnati Children’s has seen an 80 percent reduction in serious patient safety events since 2006 and is aiming for zero by 2015.

Learn more at U.S. News and World Report’s website.

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