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Upcoming Event Helps Children Who Stutter

Children who stutter have a new place to turn for help with an event called “Fluency Friday”.  The intensive one-day workshop has been scheduled for February 20. It will allow students to participate in individual and group therapy. Presentations by local and national experts in the field of stuttering will also be on hand for parents.

12-year-old Ian Ellis has participated in the program in the past and spoke with Local 12 about how “Fluency Friday” has made a difference in his life.

Clinical Director Irv Wollman with the Division of Speech-Language Pathology also talked with about how “Fluency Friday” will allow children to connect with others experiencing the same problems.

Fluency Friday will be hosted at Vineyard Community Church (Springdale) from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m on Feb. 20. Registration ends Feb. 1.

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