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High School Football Players are Unconcerned over Sports-Related Concussions

A new study of football players shows many would not report symptoms of a concussion to a coach.

The Cincinnati Children’s study of 120 high school football players found that many think it’s okay to play with a concussion even though they know they are at risk of serious injury.

The study, being presented today at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) annual meeting in Washington, DC., also found that one-quarter of the players studied had suffered a concussion. More than half said they would continue to play with symptoms of a concussion.

“These attitudes could leave young athletes vulnerable to injury from sports-related concussions,” said study co-author Brit Anderson, MD, pediatric emergency medicine fellow at Cincinnati Children’s.

Dr. Anderson and her colleagues administered two surveys to the athletes to measure their knowledge of concussions and symptoms as well as their attitudes about playing after a head injury.

“Although further study needs to be done,” she concluded, “it is possible that concussion education alone may not be enough to promote safe concussion behaviors in high school football players.”

Read more about the study.

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