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More Sleep Could Mean Slimmer Kids

Getting more sleep may help kids maintain a normal weight, a new study suggests.

Kids ate less and weighed less when they went to sleep earlier than usual, compared to when their bedtimes were pushed back, according to the small Temple University study.

“It’s exciting to think eating behaviors could be changed without dieting,” said Dean W. Beebe director of the Neuropsychology Program and Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology at Cincinnati Children’s.

“We can tell parents that we have even more evidence that sleep really is important,” said Beebe, who wasn’t involved in the study. “Important enough to prioritize in the busy family schedule, to set and insist on a reasonable bedtime, to turn off the electronics like TV, video games, phones, iPads before bed, to push back against the onslaught of caffeinated products hitting the market, to reschedule activities so they don’t run late into the evening – or reconsider if they are worth doing at all.”

Additional studies need to be conducted prior to stating with certainty that sleeping more means eating less for kids, according the study author.

Read more about the study in The Chicago Tribune.

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