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Nurses Help Families Navigate Adoption Journeys

When a family is interested in adopting internationally, the questions start flowing: “What diseases are common among children in the country where we plan to adopt? What vaccinations do we need before we travel? What diets are typical in a certain country, and how can we help the child transition?”

Nurses like Kelly Hicks at Cincinnati Children’s International Adoption Center help families get answers. The IAC offers unique help for internationally adopted children and their families, including pre- and post-adoption care, a mental and behavioral health therapist, research, education, seminars and workshops.

Kelly says she loves her work as nurse coordinator at the IAC because she gets to be a part of helping build families from the start and watching them grow together.

“Families as they wait — knowing that we’re here — is a help to them,” Hicks says. Hicks works with families by phone and in the clinic, and she follows their progress over years as they bring children in for further screenings or checkups.

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