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One Year After Weight-Loss Surgery, Alexis Shapiro Has Made Strides

It’s been one year since Alexis Shapiro, the girl who had uncontrollable hunger, had sleeve-gastrectomy surgery at Cincinnati Children’s. Since then, she’s made major strides in losing weight and keeping it under control. “I still really believe the surgery saved her life,” says her mother, Jenny Shapiro.

People Magazine has been following Alexis, whose recent accomplishments include running a 5K race. Read more in People.




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  1. emily mcgonegle April 01, 22:05
    I read that the Steroids she has to take, is damaging her bones and causing weight gain. My understanding, is that these issues are pointing to the dose being too high, as well as the wrong kind of hormone. Wouldn't Hydrocortisone, at proper levels, stop this? Thank you
    • Thomas Inge, MD, PhD
      Thomas Inge, MD, PhD April 03, 15:25
      Hi Emily, Thanks for reaching out to us. Each patient with hypothalamic obesity has different and very complex medical issues and there are many possible approaches to treating each one. It is our goal to provide the best care to each of our patients and we work closely with referring endocrinologists to assess the most appropriate medical treatment options weighing risks and benefits of the varied treatments. Best, Dr. Inge
  2. Marci Serota May 15, 11:22
    So thrilled to hear that Alexis is doing so well! We are cheering for her and her family and following their story closely as we have a child with hypothalamic obesity as well. Sending positive thoughts and energy your way, Alexis!