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Research Proves Reading to Kids Promotes Brain Development

Parents have always been encouraged to read to their kids during early childhood, and, now, research from Cincinnati Children’s has solid results that prove its benefits.

The research was presented on Saturday, April 25, at the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting in San Diego.

“We are excited to show, for the first time, that reading exposure during the critical stage of development prior to kindergarten seems to have a meaningful, measurable impact on how a child’s brain processes stories and may help predict reading success,” said study author John Hutton, M.D., pediatrician at Cincinnati Children’s and owner of a children’s bookstore. “Of particular importance are brain areas supporting mental imagery, helping the child ‘see the story’ beyond the pictures, affirming the invaluable role of imagination.”

Time Magazine has more.  The study details can be found at the American Academy of Pediatrics News’ website.

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