Two dogs are working their tails off as employees of Cincinnati Children’s - Cincinnati Children's Blog

Two dogs are working their tails off as employees of Cincinnati Children’s

Cincinnati Children’s added two golden retrievers to Child Life and Integrative Care as full time employees. The dogs, Drummer and Leica, provide physical and emotional support to patients as part of the Animal Assisted Therapy Program.

“My vision is that this is the beginning,” said Sharon McLeod, senior clinical director, Child Life and Integrative Care. “Our dream is that it will grow and we will have more members of our hospital staff that will have beautiful, wagging tails.”

The medical center pays for the dogs and their supplies using philanthropic dollars.

Read more about Drummer and Leica in the Cincinnati Business Courier and on and

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  1. Janet March 30, 09:08
    Dogs are always a joy for all people and especially kids and the elderly. It is so relaxing and always a joy to be around a good dog. They bring out the best in everyone and they enjoy the love that people give to them. They all have so much love and attention to give to people and love the attention that people can give to them. They give you hope and make you feel good about yourself without asking anything in return. They help to heal the young, and the old. They bring smiles to you and all that they come in contact with. I find it very worth while to have dogs around to help everyone, the sick the young, old and everyone. I am very glad that the Hospital has the Volunteer program and the 2 new Golden Retrievers, it will help more kids here at the hospital to see and visit with all different dogs to see that there is all different kinds of dogs that can bring them love and help.
  2. Suzy April 01, 07:33
    Great idea, I am glad we are seeing the benefits of our 4 legged friends in healing the process. Nothing brings a bigger sense of love and happiness then a smiling tail wagging dog.
  3. Suzanne April 01, 12:20
    Great idea. its time too recognize our four legged friends in the field of medicine. Nothing brings more smiles and happiness then smiling wagging tailed dogs!!!