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Warning Signs of Troubled Teens on Social Media

Incidents like the one at La Salle High School leave many asking about possible warning signs leading up to such a tragedy – particularly as it relates to social media.

Dr. Jennie Noll, director of research in Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology at Cincinnati Children’s, stresses the importance of parents having a dialogue about what their kids are doing online.

Dr. Noll says often times troubled kids will turn to social media before an incident to express themselves. She says parents and friends should be aware of some warning signs.

“Language like ‘I can’t take it anymore,’ or ‘I have a means to hurt myself,’ or ‘On this day or that time, I’m going to hurt myself.’ Those are all real red flags that something really should be intervened on,” said Dr. Noll.

But Dr. Noll stresses that just monitoring your children’s accounts isn’t enough.

“Constantly keep ahead of what they’re doing and ask what are the kids doing at school, what’s on your phone, show me how that works, show me how I can get that on my phone, how do I follow you, how do you do your privacy settings. I’ll never know as much as they do about it,” said Dr. Noll.

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