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Medical Students in Pediatric Radiology

Medical Students in Pediatric Radiology

Although as a patient or parent, you may not see a medical student observing you or your child being imaged, medical students spend time in our department daily learning the importance of diagnostic radiology and how it touches almost every other aspect and field of medicine. From didactic lectures to small group case presentations to shadowing pediatric radiologists at work, the students learn how imaging helps to diagnose disease processes and how it continues to play a vital role during the ongoing treatment of pediatric patients at Cincinnati Children’s.

As pediatric radiologists, we consult daily with other physicians in the hospital and conduct many multidisciplinary care conferences. The students observe how, although we might not interact directly with patients, we often play a key role “behind the scenes.” We also have expertise in many different imaging modalities, and we must act with professionalism daily as we interact with other physicians, healthcare workers, patients, and parents.

Exposing the medical students to the field of Pediatric Radiology is important in fostering an interest in imaging and a respect for the discipline. These students will be the ones treating us and all of our children one day, so fostering this interest remains an important part of our work here at Cincinnati Children’s.

Dr. Marguerite M. Caré, MD, author; Glenn Miñano, BFA, editor; Meredith Towbin, copyeditor.

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