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Back-to-School Time Capsule | Pin of the Week

Back-to-School Time Capsule | Pin of the Week

The first day of school is right around the corner – if you missed it earlier this week, we shared a handy checklist for getting back-to-school ready.  Some kids dread going back to school, some welcome it and some might feel indifferent about it, but regardless of your children’s views, as a parent you understand that each new school year is a new chapter.

Our Pin of the Week is a unique idea to make back-to-school exciting and comes from Mariah at her blog Giggles Galore.

The idea behind this week’s pin is to create a time capsule for your child when they are young that they can open when they graduate high school. Mariah started her child’s time capsule on the first day of kindergarten, but if your children are older you can still start a time capsule before the first day of school. Mariah’s time capsule includes a letter to her daughter and special keepsakes from throughout the year, like report cards and school photos.

What’s great about the time capsule is you can make it completely your own.  You could do one every year on the first day of school and reminisce with your child on the last day of school each year. Or you could make a time capsule each year and let your child open several after a milestone is reached—for example, when your child moves from grade school to middle school, they could open the time capsules from kindergarten on. How and when you decide to reminisce is totally up to you and your family.

What you include is also completely customizable. Write down your child’s teacher, any anxieties they have about a new year, their friends and their favorite things. Keep track of what you put in the time capsule so you can include the same things from year to year, allowing you and your child to see how they’ve grown and changed. Encourage your child to participate and decide what to include.

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