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Pin of the Week | First Day of School Photos

Pin of the Week | First Day of School Photos

Whether your child is starting her first day of kindergarten or moving onto her senior year, the first day of school is usually mixed with a lot of different emotions and parents almost always want to commemorate it with photographs.

If you’re looking to do something different to make those first-day-of-school photos extra special, here are the top four ideas I found on Pinterest:

  1. When I grow up
    Because my oldest son changes his mind about what he wants to be so often – from a baseball player and police man to a ninja – I think it’s a fantastic idea to capture those aspirations in the first-day-of-school photo. Idea and photo courtesy of Simply Kelly Designs:
  2. Picture in a picture
    What a clever idea! I saw this done a couple of different ways on Pinterest. Some parents have their kids hold a photo of their first day of school from the previous year, while others have their seniors hold their first-day-of-kindergarten photo. Idea and photo courtesy of Seven Thirty Three:
  3. Say it with chalk
    Saying it with chalk is a quick way to memorialize the big day, and it can be done in a simple or highly artistic way. Idea and photo courtesy of Blue Cricket Design:
  4. Stop crying mom
    This idea spoke to me, because I know I will be choking back tears on the first day of kindergarten (and probably for the next 12 years). Idea and photo courtesy of Banana Pancakes:

For more ideas like this, fun activities for kids and tips for parents, check out our Pinterest page.

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