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A Walk Through Ultrasound

A Walk Through Ultrasound

In order to get an ultrasound at the Burnet campus, your first step will be to check in at a kiosk in the Radiology Department. You’ll then visit a registration clerk and take a seat in the waiting room. When your name is called, you’ll be escorted to a room by an ultrasound technologist, who will verify your doctor’s order, the reason for the exam, and your child’s history.

To perform the study, the technologist will apply ultrasound jelly on the skin of the body part to be imaged. She’ll then move an ultrasound transducer (camera) over your child’s body to take pictures. She may have your child change positions to allow for a clearer view of the body part. The needed images and measurements are recorded. Once the technologist has finished taking pictures, she will usually check with the radiologist to make sure that no additional pictures are needed. In some instances, radiologists request more pictures or ask to come into the room to take pictures themselves.

Once the study is completed, the radiologist reads and dictates a report that is sent to your doctor. You can check the results yourself using the MyChart application.

Contributed by Tracey Adams (US Manager).

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