Coders Are Behind the Scenes in Radiology

Coders in our Radiology Department ensure accurate ICD-10 coding (or diagnosis codes) on Radiology claims, as well as secure authorizations for high-tech imaging (Nuclear Medicine, CT and MRI). This can sometimes prove challenging given the constant changes in insurance coverage policies. Many times we act as liaisons between our Radiology Department, specialists and primary care physicians. For instance, when we receive clinical information and it does not necessarily match the imaging order, the coders are responsible for contacting the ordering physician’s office to resolve or verify what images are truly needed.

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to secure insurance authorizations for radiologic scans, from researching and gathering clinical information to facilitating peer to peer reviews. Our goal as Radiology coders is to ensure that our families have one less thing to worry about and receive the best care possible.

Sparkle Torruella

About the Author: Sparkle Torruella

Sparkle is the Regulatory Affairs Coordinator for the Radiology Department. She has been with the department since April 2016. Sparkle joined the Cincinnati Children’s family almost six years ago after experiencing a medical emergency with one of her children that touched her deeply. Changing careers to come to Cincinnati Children’s, Sparkle believes in the hospital’s mission to change outcomes and be better together not just in the institution but in the community. She loves children! When she’s not at work, she’s taking on new adventures with her 3 small children.

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