Congratulations Pediatric Radiology 2018 Fellows, Part 2

The Radiology Department’s Pediatric Neuroradiology Fellowship Program knew they were getting two outstanding fellows (Dr. Julie Guerin and Dr. Padmaja Naidu) before they even joined the department. Both had great years of training prior to coming to Cincinnati Children’s, and both minored in Creative Writing in their undergrad education. Dr. Blaise Jones introduced Drs. Guerin and Naidu at the graduation dinner.

Congratulations Pediatric Radiology 2018 Fellows, Part 1

Photo: Dr. Julie Guerin and Dr. Blaise Jones

Dr. Julie Guerin is a radiologist in Rochester, Minnesota, and is affiliated with Mayo Clinic. She received her medical degree from University of Texas Medical School and has been in practice between 6-10 years. She is one of 186 doctors at Mayo Clinic who specializes in Radiology.  After her fellowship, Dr. Guerin will be going back to Rochester.

Photo: Dr. Padmaja Naidu and Dr. Blaise Jones

Dr. Padmaja Naidu is a neuroradiology specialist in Phoenix, AZ, and has been practicing for 13 years. She graduated from Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in 2005 and specializes in neuroradiology. After her fellowship, Dr. Naidu will be going back to Phoenix to continue her practice.

Photo: Dr. Marie Vasher and Dr. Neil Johnson

Dr. Marie Vasher completed her fellowship in Interventional Radiology (IR). Dr. Neil Johnson introduced Dr. Vasher at the graduation dinner and explained, “She showed up day one on time and worked very hard. Marie moved from very well trained in the adult world to very well trained in the pediatric world.”

Dr. John Racadio, who couldn’t attend the graduation, wrote a short limerick for her at the dinner. Dr. Vasher has a V8 muscle car that she drove all the way from Florida. Her experience with snow and icy weather was found to be lacking once she moved to Ohio.

The Fellow from Florida was nice, 

too late was the cop’s wise advice.

It did became clear as she spun in high gear,

that Mustangs aren’t meant for the ice.

Photo: Dr. Morgan McBee receiving the RSNA Research Award, given by Dr. Jonathan Dillman

This year’s RSNA Rontgen Research Fellow Award went to Dr. Morgan McBee. The award is given to the fellow that has made the most academic contributions to the Department of Radiology and to Cincinnati Children’s.

Every year the Fellows give out three awards to our faculty at the graduation dinner. The Outstanding Clinician Award went to Dr. Bernadette L. Koch. The Corning Benton Award for Outstanding Educator and the Janet Strife Award for Outstanding Morale were awarded to Dr. Mantosh S. Rattan.

Photo: Dr. Koch received the Outstanding Clinician Award

Photo: Dr. Rattan received the Corning Benton Award for Outstanding Educator

Photo: Dr. Rattan received the Janet Strife Award for Outstanding Morale

Glenn Miñano

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