Get To Know Your Radiologist: Dr. Alex Towbin

He holds the titles of Associate Professor of Radiology; Assistant Professor of Pediatrics; Associate Chief, Clinical Operations and Radiology Informatics; Neil D. Johnson Chair of Radiology Informatics – got all that? You must be wondering who on earth that could be. Well, he’s one of our very own radiologists, who is clearly a very busy guy. Dr. Alexander Towbin sat down with me in this week’s Get To Know Your Radiologist segment to tell us what all of that actually means. Star Wars fan and avid photographer, Dr. Towbin shared some pretty interesting things about himself.

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Sparkle Torruella

About the Author: Sparkle Torruella

Sparkle is the Regulatory Affairs Coordinator for the Radiology Department. She has been with the department since April 2016. Sparkle joined the Cincinnati Children’s family almost six years ago after experiencing a medical emergency with one of her children that touched her deeply. Changing careers to come to Cincinnati Children’s, Sparkle believes in the hospital’s mission to change outcomes and be better together not just in the institution but in the community. She loves children! When she’s not at work, she’s taking on new adventures with her 3 small children.

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