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Happy National Selfie Day

Happy National Selfie Day

Radiology got in on the fun of National Selfie Day this year with a departmental selfie contest! Staff had a ton of fun with their pictures. There were four chances to win: Funniest Selfie, Most People in a Selfie, Most Physicians in a Selfie and Most Cincinnati Children’s Departments Represented in a Selfie.

Photo: Funniest Selfie

Photo: Most Physicians in a Selfie

Photo: Most Cincinnati Children’s Departments in a Selfie

Photo: Most People in a Selfie

Photos: Next year we’ll do a “Physician Who Submitted the MOST Selfies” category. Your selfie game is strong, Dr. Trout.

Honorable mentions below.

Congrats to our winners! Now, strike a pose!

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