Happy New Year from Cincinnati Children’s

The beginning of a new year gives us all an opportunity to reflect on the past and to plan for the future. Many of us consider our accomplishments from the previous year and set new goals for the year to come. In the Radiology Department at Cincinnati Children’s, we remember the patients and families we have cared for during 2014. We are grateful to have been part of the amazing Cincinnati Children’s team providing for these patients and families and we feel a strong sense of pride in the quality imaging we have delivered to everyone coming to radiology.

As we begin 2015, we resolve to continue providing outstanding imaging of children in a way that is safe, accurate and efficient. We also commit to continue working together with our staff, co-workers, patients and family members to improve our performance. It is our goal to give you and your child the very best experience in radiology. From the entire Radiology Department at Cincinnati Children’s we wish you all a Happy New Year!

Catherine Leopard

About the Author: Catherine Leopard

Catherine is a Child Life Specialist who works in Cincinnati Children’s Department of Radiology. She has always been drawn to helping children overcome their fears. As a young child, Catherine remembers sitting in her pediatrician’s office feeling sad as she listened to young babies crying in exam rooms. In response, she began singing lullabies through the walls to sooth and comfort those children in distress. As an adult, she first experienced the support of Child Life when her infant daughter was hospitalized. After that positive experience, Catherine completed her Child Life internship at Cincinnati Children’s and has worked here ever since. Her daughter is now a teenager and her son is an active 3rd grader.

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