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Making MRI Exams Efficient and Accurate

Making MRI Exams Efficient and Accurate

At Cincinnati Children’s Radiology, we strive to provide not only safe and high-quality MRI examinations but also timely examinations. We know that our patients’ and families’ time is precious and so we strive to make our MRI examination process as efficient as possible.

At the main Cincinnati Children’s campus we have a diverse patient population ranging from low-risk outpatient teens to critically ill newborns. Each requires a personalized, tailored approach to ensure a safe and diagnostically excellent examination. It is our opportunity and challenge to provide timely and efficient scheduling and examination performance to a wide variety of patients without sacrificing the paramount principles of safety and advanced quality.


We provide this service through a highly coordinated effort with the Department of Anesthesia, which provides general anesthesia and sedation services to ensure patient safety and minimize patient motion to allow for the highest quality MR imaging. We also tailor our MRI service by bringing the MRI scanners to our patients. For instance, we have an MRI scanner on the 6th floor dedicated to cardiac MRI and a uniquely small MRI scanner in the NICU designed specifically for premature and recently born infants.


So what can you do to ensure that your child receives the safest and highest quality examination that you desire in the fastest time possible?  The best thing to keep in mind is that the quality of our examinations does not depend on the location of the MRI machine. Whether your child undergoes an MRI examination at our main campus, Liberty campus, Kenwood MRI, or Green Township MRI, the same exceptionally trained MRI technologists and diagnostic radiologists perform and interpret your child’s examination. So if your child does not require anesthesia or sedation, an outpatient MRI at one of our satellite locations will provide the same safe and high-quality examination in much less time.


We look forward to seeing you at our main campus or outpatient locations and creating the optimal MRI experience for you and your child.

Contributed by Dr. Luke Linscott and edited by Tony Dandino (RT-MRI).

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