My New Adventure

July is full of new adventures throughout the hospital. This July will be the beginning of a new adventure for me as well. I have accepted a first-shift position in The Heart Institute. I have been on second shift for almost 9 years in the Radiology Department. I am so very thankful to have been a part of the radiology family for so long, but my new job will enable me to spend more time with my own family, which is the reasoning behind my decision. Thankfully, I will still be here at Cincinnati Children’s so I can continue to help serve the families that come here for treatment.

The Radiology Department is second to none in my opinion. To be behind the scenes for so long and to see how deeply the radiologists and technologists care about the people we serve really shows me there is no better place to bring our children. I am not looking forward to leaving Radiology, but I am looking forward to learning another department inside the hospital. I am honored to have been on the blog, a member of the Image Gently Committee, and a voice inside the Radiology Department. It’s really hard to say goodbye, so instead I’ll say thank you for reading our blog, for following our department and helping us make your child’s experience here better.

Sarah Kaupp

About the Author: Sarah Kaupp

Sarah is a Reading Room Assistant in the Radiology Department. She and her husband Keith have been married for 10+ years and have 2 beautiful daughters named Sarhea (Suh-ray-uh) and Kelby. Sarhea has Cystic Fibrosis and Sarah is very involved with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. She is also the parent advisor on the Image Gently Steering Committee.

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