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Radiology Ultrasound Wins Third Place in Holiday Tree Decoration Contest

Radiology Ultrasound Wins Third Place in Holiday Tree Decoration Contest

Photo: Anita Robbins (right) and co-worker Cieara Presley (left) helped Anita decorate the tree.

Since 2008, Cincinnati Children’s has held a Holiday Tree Decoration Contest for its employees/departments to welcome in the holidays and to create a beautiful and festive environment at the Burnet and Liberty campuses. The trees at Liberty Campus are on display on the 2nd floor by the main entrance right across from the gift store.

To participate one must submit a registration form and be selected to decorate a tree. Each participant is given funds to purchase supples for the tree decorations. The first, second and third place winners receive cash prizes of $150, $100 and $50 each.

Every year there is a different theme that the participants have to follow. This year’s theme was “Oh, The Places You’ll Go Over the Holidays!” Children love to travel, but sadly our patients at Cincinnati Children’s will be under our care this holiday season. The participants were challenged to design a tree to help the children dream of traveling over the coming holidays, whether visiting Grandma, going on a safari or flying to the moon!

The Radiology Ultrasound team, lead by Anita Robbins, spent a lot of time and work on the tree decorations. Their theme was “A Mystical Wonderland.” Anita created the majority of the decorations, such as the paper flowers and more. It truly paid off!


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