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Our Team Leads the Way in Quality Improvement

Our Team Leads the Way in Quality Improvement

The Quality Improvement Team at Cincinnati Children’s Radiology Department is committed to making your experience with us better. The most effective way to implement improvement in the clinical areas is to have the front-line clinical staff, who are directly impacted by any changes, lead the effort.

In order to do this, a new technologist coaching and communication model was developed in the Radiology Department. Our team now has three radiology technologists that spilt their time between clinical work and quality improvement (QI) work. Each QI specialist has attended QI training called RCIC and has completed site visits at other institutions to look for ways to improve our processes and workflow. Our technologist QI specialists work as liaisons between radiologists and techs to address questions and concerns as well as to assure that changes to protocols and workflow is disseminated to all techs. This model enables the team to make improvements quickly by spreading the word through designated coaches.

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