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Today is Banana Day!

Today is Banana Day!

It’s an edible fruit, a berry (botanically), and its name is thought to be of West African origin. What is it? A banana! Three small bananas can provide enough energy for a strenuous 90-minute workout. Like apples and watermelons, bananas can float in water. Even though the plant from which it grows is called a banana tree, the banana plant is actually the world’s largest herb and closely related to vanilla and ginger.

Why all the cool facts about bananas? Well, every third Wednesday of the month of April is National Banana Day! Here in our Radiology Department, at Cincinnati Children’s, we don’t let an honored fruit go to waste.

In our Imaging Research Center (IRC), Deborah Brown (Administrative Assistant) and Donna Lyons (Business Manager) both were give small banana plants in pots by one of their hospital co-workers. Deborah’s plant has since grown to be around five feet tall while Donna’s is about two feet tall.


Image: (lf-rt) Deborah Brown and Donna Lyons standing next to their growing banana plants.

But wait, we can’t end this blog without any scanned images of our beloved yellow fruit. Below are some MRI studies of a banana.


Contributed by Tony Dandino, SPEC-MR QUALITY.

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