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This is a recap of recent health news featuring Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. We hope you enjoy this week’s edition of collected news, and please feel free to offer comments below – we really do listen!

The Devastating Impact of Bullies
USA Today

When children are bullied by others, the impact can last a lifetime.  Daniel Nelson, medical director of the Child Psychiatry Unit at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, says that bullying in some instances may be on par with torture or child abuse.

To Vaccinate or Not Vaccinate Should Not Be the Question
CNN Health

Some parents still today are choosing not to vaccinate their children because of outdated concerns about safety.  And the results may be life-threatening.

Diseases may be unusually hard to diagnose when their symptoms are so rarely seen because vaccines have made them virtually unheard of.  And Dr. Robert Frenck, professor of pediatrics in the infectious diseases division of Cincinnati Children’s, says the diseases are still out there, and the risks are real.

More Hepatitis A Testing Needed for Children Adopted from Other Countries
Pediatric Super Site

Researchers from Cincinnati Children’s have found significant exposure to hepatitis A among children adopted from foreign countries.  In addition, the children’s levels of immunity have a great deal to do with the specific region where they were born.

For example, 72% of children from Africa showed hepatitis A immunity, compared to only 17% of those born in the Asia/Pacific Rim region.  The researchers call for policymakers to revisit screening guidelines for children coming from other countries.

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