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As a radiology resident, I learned how to recognize the difference between a button battery and a coin …on an x-ray film. Funny thing is, I’d never seen a button battery in real life! Where did kids find these button › Continue Reading

The recent death of a toddler in Oklahoma from the complications of swallowing a button battery is drawing attention to the dangers of ingesting small lithium batteries. Button batteries are found in many household objects, such as remotes, electronics, and › Continue Reading

Five-year-old Emmett Rauch got an early Christmas present. Last week, his tracheotomy tube was removed at Cincinnati Children’s. At one point, doctors thought the trach would be needed until Emmett was a teenager. But Dr. Alessandro de Alarcon says that › Continue Reading

At Cincinnati Children’s last week, four-year-old Emmett Rauch had surgery that will allow him to eventually breathe again on his own. The young boy swallowed a quarter-sized button battery when he was a year old, burning a hole in his › Continue Reading