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Radiologists at Cincinnati Children’s take very seriously your child’s imaging needs and work in a number of ways to ensure that the right test has been ordered for the right reasons. Every x-ray picture, procedure or scan done in our › Continue Reading

The Radiology Department uses x-rays everyday to identify the presence and/or severity of injuries to the children we treat. Some articles claim that the small radiation doses from x-ray technology are harmful. So are medical x-ray exams safe for your child? The simple answer: Yes. › Continue Reading

How can imaging change the outcome for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in children and young adults? This is the question that drives the work of the faculty and staff of the Imaging Research Center at Cincinnati Children’s. You › Continue Reading

Over the past five years, a new model called quantitative imaging has begun to emerge within radiology. This type of imaging allows radiologists to take a measurement that can then be used to track a disease and its subsequent treatment. MR elastography is a › Continue Reading

Meet Angie Asher, a CT-MRI technologist here at Cincinnati Children’s. Learn about why she loves working in the radiology department and what she likes to do when she’s not on the job.

What is traumatic brain injury and why should we care about it? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a traumatic brain injury is a blow or shock to the head, or an injury resulting in a disruption › Continue Reading

Breast milk not only provides perfect nutrition for your infant, but it can also play a huge role in some of the studies we perform every day. 1. Nuclear Medicine: In liquid gastric emptying studies, we take pictures of how your child’s stomach empties. To do › Continue Reading

Why Do We Protocol?

What does it mean when we say “Your exam has been protocolled as an MRI of the brain with and without contrast.” A protocol is a set of steps that one must follow to complete a task.  Here at Cincinnati Children’s, we › Continue Reading

When Cincinnati Children’s own Ultrasound Technologist Amy Winer needed to bring her son in for a CT scan, a child life specialist prepared her for what to expect. You can take advantage of the same special services for your child. › Continue Reading

Radiologic technologists are medical professionals who use their expertise and knowledge of patient care combined with radiologic techniques to take images.  In simpler terms, they use a special camera to look inside of the patient’s body to diagnose a problem. › Continue Reading