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As a radiology technologist, one of the most common questions asked of me is, “Don’t you just push a button?” My answer? Yes, I do push a button, but I went through two years of schooling that involved learning the inner › Continue Reading

On a busy day, our technologists in the Radiology Department can take hundreds of x-ray pictures of children. We can think of this as “just part of the job,” or we can choose to see every patient encounter as an amazing opportunity. Here’s what a › Continue Reading

In order to get an ultrasound at the Burnet campus, your first step will be to check in at a kiosk in the Radiology Department. You’ll then visit a registration clerk and take a seat in the waiting room. When your name is called, you’ll › Continue Reading

Meet radiography technologist Kathy Elmore and her goldendoodle Lulu. Kathy loves working at Cincinnati Children’s. Watch the video and find out why Kathy thinks Cincinnati Children’s is so special.

Radiologic technologists are medical professionals who use their expertise and knowledge of patient care combined with radiologic techniques to take images.  In simpler terms, they use a special camera to look inside of the patient’s body to diagnose a problem. › Continue Reading