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Ohio Teen Invited to Armstrong’s Memorial

Cincinnati Children’s patient Shane DiGiovanna will never realize his dream of meeting his idol and fellow Cincinnatian Neil Armstrong. But the 14-year-old will attend the astronaut’s national memorial service in Washington today at the invitation of Armstrong’s family.

The family learned about Shane from astronauts Eugene Cernan and James Lovell who met the teen at an event last month announcing the Neil Armstrong New Frontiers Initiative memorial fund at Cincinnati Children’s.

Shane was born with a rare skin condition called epidermolysis bullosa, which creates fragile skin that constantly blisters and tears. The condition requires him to have large parts of his body bandaged to cover the wounds. Because of his condition, Shane says he knows he can’t be an astronaut when he’s older, but he hopes to become an aeronautical engineer instead. Shane says he’s proud to have the chance to honor Armstrong and hopes to meet the astronaut’s family.

“I want to tell them how sad his death is for all of America,” Shane said. “And I would like to ask them more about him.”

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