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Ask-an-IRC Technologist

Ask-an-IRC Technologist

The Imaging Research Center (IRC) is a division of the Department of Radiology as well as a core resource in the Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation. The IRC houses approximately 15 PhD faculty members, as well as postdoctoral students, other trainees and staff.

Among the staff are research MRI technologists who play a critical role in the research division. In our video “Ask-an-IRC Technologist,” four IRC technologists answer questions asked by patients and their families about their role and MRI in general. The four technologists are Lacey Hass (Lead Imaging Tech), Kaley Bridgewater (Spec Tech-MRI), John Lanier (Adv Tech-MRI), Brynne Williams (Spec Tech-MRI) and Kelsey Wineland (Spec Tech-MRI).

Contributions by Meredith Towbin, copyeditor

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