CT exams: What to expect from start to finish

In CT, you and your child will check in at a kiosk and then register at the front desk. Once your child’s name is called, you will be escorted to a room by a CT technologist, who will verify your doctor’s order and the reason for the exam. The CT technologist will then explain the exam in more detail.

Your child will be asked to lay down on the bed of the CT scanner, which will  move in and out of the scanner as it takes pictures. Depending on the type of exam, the technologist may ask your child to hold their breath. Shields may be laid on your child when possible.

If IV contrast is needed, the technologist will start the IV before having your child lay down on the scanner bed. After taking a few pictures, the technologist will then administer the IV contrast and take more pictures.

Once complete, the pictures are reviewed by the technologist. The radiologist will also check the pictures to determine if more scanning is needed. After the radiologist reads and dictates a report, your doctor is sent the results. You are able to access the results in the MyChart application.

Contributed by Erica Gates, CT Manager


Catherine Leopard

About the Author: Catherine Leopard

Catherine is a Child Life Specialist who works in Cincinnati Children’s Department of Radiology. She has always been drawn to helping children overcome their fears. As a young child, Catherine remembers sitting in her pediatrician’s office feeling sad as she listened to young babies crying in exam rooms. In response, she began singing lullabies through the walls to sooth and comfort those children in distress. As an adult, she first experienced the support of Child Life when her infant daughter was hospitalized. After that positive experience, Catherine completed her Child Life internship at Cincinnati Children’s and has worked here ever since. Her daughter is now a teenager and her son is an active 3rd grader.

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