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Our Jack-o’-lantern Gets Imaged

Our Jack-o’-lantern Gets Imaged

In the Radiology Department at Cincinnati Children’s, we have our very own jack-o’-lantern decorating our work area. Seeing as our job is to take pictures of the inside of things, we decided to image our jack-o’-lantern using one of our x-ray machines. Take a look below at what we found inside!

You may have noticed the metal pins in the stem of the pumpkin. During transportation the pumpkin stem broke apart, so we had to pin the two pieces back together again with a metal paper clip.

pumpkin-stemImage: Close-up of pumpkin stem, attached back together with metal pins.

Contributions by Tim O’Connor (Informatics Director) for purchasing and carving the pumpkin, Erin Adkins and Carrie Aylor (Radiology technologists) for help in imaging our jack-o’-lantern.

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