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Radiology Celebrates PCA Week

Radiology Celebrates PCA Week

Throughout Cincinnati Children’s this week we are celebrating and appreciating our hardworking Patient Care Assistants (PCAs) for all the long hours and the relentless effort they commit every single day to make our hospital the best it can be. The PCAs are like the wheels of our giant machine. They keep everything in motion, filling in as needed by assisting with medical procedures, cleaning/tidying up preparation rooms and examination rooms, and ultimately lending a hand in any situation requiring an extra helper.

It is without a doubt that we depend on our diligent PCAs. They allow the nurses, technologists and physicians to focus on field-specific tasks, while patient care is consistently maintained. For example, they may allow our nurses to complete paperwork while continuing the flow of the schedule and proceeding with whomever is next. The department would come to a complete standstill if it weren’t for their forever-moving forward push.

Some of the activities we partake in this week are games, pot lucks, and “snack attacks,” all in the name of our wonderful PCAs. Their effect may not be immediately noticeable, but we want to make sure it is certainly appreciated. In fact, we would like to encourage you to take a moment this week and thank your PCAs because they play just as vital of a role as anyone else involved with your appointment. We work as a team and succeed as a team.

Thank you to all of our Patient Care Assistants from the Radiology Blog Team.

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